Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The A-Z of A Happy Marriage

Affirm your spouse's good points
Be each other's best friend
Calm with soothing massages
Demonstrate Your affection openly
Enjoy one another's company
Forgive and forget
Give individual space
Hug and hold hands everyday
Ignore each other's shortcomings
Jump into the shower together
Kiss good morning and good night
Love without condition
Move with tender words
Never put each other down
Offer help regularly
Pick up new hobbies together
Quality time is a must
Remember important dates
Speak well of one another's family
Take time to date your spouse
Unwind in each other's arms
Vocalise your affections daily
Whisper sweet nothings to each other
X-pect the best of your spouse
'You' before 'I'
Zealousy support one another's aspirations


  1. Ok tuch tipsnya Lota..btw dikau dah coba semuanya blom...did it works?? ;)

  2. wah it's a nice one to try out heheh....
    btw, mau dong sup kembang tahunya, yummm

  3. Bebek, abis anniversary yaa... kalo yaa, congratzz yaa....... co cuitt ;p